Is Yofana Clothing Legit? A Thorough Yofana Clothing Review

Planning to shop from Yofana but wondering, “Is Yofana Clothing legit?” Worry not, lovelies, as FashionWhizz has got you covered. Find out every little detail about Yofana clothing below and decide for yourself. 

Is Yofana clothing legit
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Yofana Clothing ( is an emerging online clothing brand that’s been drawing people’s attention recently.

However, not all the attention is positive. Some people have been really skeptical about the brand, despite being interested in its offerings, mainly because of their unbelievably low prices.

If you are also developing interest in the brand but aren’t sure if it’s actually worth it, then this detailed Yofana clothing review is for you.

We’ll be exploring everything about this brand in detail to conclude whether it’s legit or another scam trying to rob people of their hard-earned money.

So, without further ado, let’s begin.

Is Yofana clothing legit? – About the brand

As mentioned above, is an online fashion store that sells clothing, footwear, and bags for men and women.

The website mentions that the brand was established in 2016, which honestly sounds a little off because until recently, nobody had ever heard of Yofana.

Anyway, moving ahead, the thing that’s been making Yofana really popular is its crazily low price range compared to other fashion brands.

Can you imagine getting a black tie, three-piece plaid suit for men for as low as $54? Yeah, that’s how insane their prices are. So, we truly understand the skepticism.

Let’s go further ahead and take a look at their practices.

Who owns Yofana clothing? is owned and run by Guangzhou Kesi E-Commerce Co., Limited. This information is also available on their website.

If you don’t know, the parent company mentioned above has a horrible online reputation and isn’t considered reliable.

We have also learned that many people are misinformed about the parent company’s location. They believe it to be the UK. However, that’s far from the truth.

The parent company and the brand, Yofana itself, are both located in and run from China, the hub of fast fashion manufacturing.

Is Yofana Clothing legit?

While the above information already makes Yofana a pretty shady company, let’s look at the other aspects of the brand to get a clearer picture of its legitimacy.

·       Non-existent customer service

While the brand claims to be available to customers 24/7, the reality is far from these claims. If you take a closer look at their website, there is no quick or instant way to reach customer support.

Although the brand has provided a phone number, it is for texts only. And according to reports, even if you text your issues or queries, you don’t get any response.

Similar is the case with the email address. It seems to be non-functional as you don’t hear back from the company.

·       Discounts that are too good to be true

Everybody knows that anything that seems too good for its price is screaming “SCAM.” If you look at the website, you will always find some sort of discount.

Now, we are not suggesting that offering discounts is bad. Who doesn’t love a good bargain? We know that we do. But, the problem is there is no way the clothing items displayed on their website can be as cheap as they are selling them for.

You will find almost every type of clothing within $100, regardless of how fancy and expensive it looks. This is just mind-boggling.

Still, let’s not jump to the conclusion just yet and take a look at other things.

·       Amateur web design

At the very first glance, everything seems fine on the website. However, as you begin to scroll and explore, it becomes obvious that an amateur designed the website.

Besides spelling errors and poorly written content, the images used by the website get pixelated when you zoom in even slightly to see the detailing. This clearly means that Yofana works as a broker.

Furthermore, you will not find any information regarding the materials used, the type of fabric, stitching details, etc.

·       Security issues

While the brand’s website has a valid SSL certificate, it is not entirely free of risk. According to our research, the website has a considerable threat profile, malware, and phishing scores.

If you try to load this website on a system containing an antivirus, you will be alerted for security concerns.

·       False sustainability claims

Yofana’s website claims its products to be sustainable, but that’s nothing short of a joke. They have not even mentioned which fabric they used in each product, let alone provided proof of their sustainability.

The brand is operated by a Chinese company already notorious for its unethical practices. So, it’s no wonder that Yofana is also a dishonest brand that, in all probability, sells unsustainable fast fashion items that are extremely bad for our environment.

This also explains the insane prices of their items, as labor is dirt cheap in China.

Yofana Clothing reviews by customers

The brand’s social media presence is non-existent, just like its customer support. Therefore, you won’t find many online reviews on Yofana.

However, we did find a handful of reviews and boy, are they TERRIBLE! Apart from a single positive review that doesn’t say much, every other review we found was negative.

Most people ordered from the website after looking at their crazy deals but never received their items.

For those few who did receive something, they had to throw it away due to extremely poor quality. So, that says almost everything about the brand.

Is Yofana clothing legit? – The final word

Yofana Clothing is screaming SCAMMM!!! From website to customer support to customer reviews, nothing is promising about this brand.

If you were also tempted by their designs, please stay far away from this shady business and save your hard-earned money for an authentic brand.

Happy Scam-Free Shopping!

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