How to Style an Oversized T-Shirt Like a Pro – 15 Awesome Tips

Wanna learn how to style an oversized t-shirt like a pro? Read below the secrets to rocking an oversized t-shirt from our team of experts!

how to style an oversized t-shirt

Oversized t-shirts, those loose and laid-back fashion staples, are making a huge comeback! Back in the ’90s, they were all the rage among the cool urban youth, paired with baggy jeans and sneakers to exude that effortlessly trendy vibe.

And guess what? They’re back, and we couldn’t be happier! Whether a simple XXL graphic tee or a luxurious leather jacket, oversized pieces offer the perfect blend of comfort and fashion-forward style.

These roomy tees aren’t just for bedtime – you can rock them with high-heeled boots or chunky flat-form sandals, making them versatile and chic.

Ready to master the art of styling oversized tees? Buckle up, and let’s dive into the fabulous world of fashion!

What makes a tee “oversized”?

Before exploring how to style an oversized t-shirt, let’s clarify what exactly an oversized t-shirt is.

Technically, any shirt that’s too big for you qualifies as oversized. However, in the fashion world, an “oversized t-shirt” refers to a tee that deliberately sports a loose fit and hangs below the waist.

Oversized shirts are not limited to huge graphic or monochromatic tees; you can play around with button-downs or classic white cotton shirts for a fresh look. But that’s a discussion for some other time.

Finding your ideal fit

The key to nailing the oversized look is getting the right fit. Aim for a tee about two sizes larger than your regular size. It should drape loosely over your shoulders and even conceal part of your hands if it’s long-sleeved.

For outings and semi-formal events, go for plain oversized shirts or traditional white ones. They exude a laid-back elegance that’s perfect for the warmer months.

However, if you’re lounging at home, feel free to rock a regular oversized graphic tee for maximum relaxation.

Here’s how to style an oversized t-shirt in 15 fabulous ways

1.     Tiny bag matchup

For a feminine and chic look, pair your oversized tee with a small bag. The contrast creates a flattering hourglass silhouette that’s both stylish and practical.

2.     Blazer brilliance

Unleash the classiness by combining your oversized tee with a blazer. It’s a fantastic blend of laid-back and professional, especially when you contrast colors.

Think oversized light grey tee with a sharp black blazer; sounds amazing, right? Tuck it in, add a sleek belt, and voilà, you’re set for semi-formal events and casual Fridays at the office.

3.     Athleisure allure

If you’re keeping it comfy at home, there’s still plenty of room for style. Pair your oversized tee with snug leggings for freedom of movement and ultimate relaxation.

4.     Tuck it in

Tucked-in oversized tees radiate casual cuteness. Team it with denim pants for a stylish look perfect for lazy days and hangouts with friends. It’s the epitome of comfort and trendiness!

5.     Pop with colorful accessories

Spice up your monochromatic oversized tee by adding pops of color through accessories. Necklaces, bracelets, and hats can work wonders in making your outfit more exciting.

6.     Go all-out baggy

Sometimes, we just want to go all-out with a baggy look from top to bottom. This styling choice offers incredible comfort and a sense of freedom.

Pair your oversized t-shirt with slip-on sneakers, and you’ve got the coziest laid-back weekend outfit imaginable.

7.     Skinny jeans combo

how to style an oversized t-shirt

Combining your oversized t-shirt with skinny jeans is a winning idea. Thin denim legs, strappy sandals, and a baggy tee effortlessly create a balanced and fashionable look.

Add white sneakers and cinch the waist with a belt for an edgier touch.

8.     Roll up the sleeves

Give your oversized tee a fashion statement by rolling up the sleeves. It adds flair to the loose silhouette and prevents it from looking sloppy. Tie the front ends for a cropped look – casual yet oh-so-stylish!

9.     Stripes & tees

Mix and match oversized tees with striped pants for a polished and fun outfit. Black and copper combos work wonders, especially when you’re feeling adventurous with skeletons popping wheelies on your tee!

10.  Knot it up

If you’re not a fan of baggy styles but still want to join the bandwagon, try knotting your oversized tee around the waist.

This simple trick instantly transforms a classic tee into a fitted top. Pair it with blue jeans or Korean-style pants, a handbag, and sandals for a fabulous look.

11.  Heel appeal

Elevate your chic baggy top by wearing it with high heels. The extra height adds balance to your overall silhouette, perfect for summer heat or various outings like BBQs, shopping, or a day out in town.

12.  Belt it out

Belts are the ultimate accessory for styling oversized tees. They define your waistline and exude elegance.

Opt for bold black belts for a classic look or vibrant colors like cherry red for a playful twist. This outfit works day and night, so you’re always runway-ready!

13.  Dungarees drama

Effortlessly stylish, oversized tees with dungarees create a laid-back, chic vibe. It’s a fun and sporty combo that feels both comfy and trendy.

Classic white tee paired with blue denim dungarees and your best white sneakers – you’re good to go!

14.  Track pants trendy

For ultimate coziness, pair your oversized tee with track pants. It’s the go-to outfit for lazy days and cold-weather workouts. Throw in a cap or shades and finish it off with comfy sneakers.

15.  Sporty Vibes

There’s something inherently sporty about oversized tees. You can also embrace the sporty panache with a large black tee featuring sporting emblems paired with tight white pants.

It’s casual enough for home wear yet smart enough for running errands in style. Also, this combo is perfect for tennis lovers!

Remember, Fashion is Fun!

As you can see from these styling tips, the possibilities for wearing oversized t-shirts are endless.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and find what suits your style best. Take these examples as templates and embark on your own fashion adventure!

So, grab that oversized tee next time you’re eyeing it and let your creativity run wild.

How to style an oversized t-shirt? You now know at least 15 fantastic ways to rock it like a fashion guru!

Happy styling!

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