Is Ninacloak Clothing Legit? A Thorough Ninacloak Review

Is Ninacloak Clothing legit or a scam? Find out in this comprehensive Ninacloak review!

Ninacloak review
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Hey there, lovelies! Today, we are bringing another fashion brand, “Ninacloak Clothing,” in the dock to determine if Ninacloak is legit or a scam company.

We have been observing a lot of digital activity by the brand lately. And let’s be honest here, their designs seem pretty good and pocket friendly, for that matter.

However, Ninacloak clothing’s obscurity pushed us to put it under the microscope to bring you an honest Ninacloak review.

So, before you get tempted to buy something from the brand, read this review first. We promise it will be worth your while!

Let’s get started!

About Ninacloak Clothing

Ninacloak is a fashion brand that was established in 2017. The brand originally started as a small digital shop selling only women’s blouses.

Realizing the online demand for on-trend clothing at affordable rates, the brand gradually expanded its collection by including other apparel items and accessories.

The brand claims to bring all the hottest fashion trends to women all over the world at factory prices. Having a look at their website, we agree their prices are low.

Nevertheless, it still doesn’t warrant Ninacloak’s legitimacy. So, let’s move ahead and find out more about it.

Products offered by Ninacloak Clothing

Like any other fashion brand, Ninacloak Clothing offers everything available under the sun in the name of women’s apparel.

You can find a huge range of tops, which include blouses, long and short-sleeved t-shirts, sweaters, and cardigans.

The brand also sells a wide range of dresses for various occasions, both formal and casual. They are also available in different lengths, like short, midi, and maxi.

The bottoms collection is also pretty vast, including pants, skirts, shorts, leggings, jumpsuits, and more. You can also find outerwear for the winter season, like hoodies, blazers, and jackets.

On the other hand, for summery days, you can shop from their swimwear collection. The brand also has a separate plus-size collection for curvy beauties.

Apart from apparel, Ninacloak Clothing also sells different types of footwear, such as flats, sandals, loafers, sneakers, and boots.

The accessory section also has a huge collection of jewelry, bags, scarves, beachwear, and more. Heck, they even sell home and garden accessories.

Ninacloak Clothing also deals in men’s clothes and accessories, but the collection is fairly limited compared to women’s.

Where is Ninacloak Clothing located?

While the brand primarily operates from the US, with a US helpline number and all, it’s obvious that its location is elsewhere.

We scoured the brand’s website to locate its physical location and discovered it is in Hong Kong, China.

Is Ninacloak a Chinese company?

Although the brand’s production is carried out in Hong Kong, China, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Ninacloak is a Chinese company.

The brand has openly mentioned on its website in the FAQs that it gets its clothes from China. But, since it is run from the USA, there can be two possibilities here.

One is that the brand gets its production done in China due to cheap labor. Another and higher possibility would be that Ninacloak uses a dropshipping model.

Either way, none of the possibilities leave a good impression of Ninacloak, to be fair.

Ninacloak Reviews by Customers

Now comes the deciding factor, i.e., the actual customers’ experience. If you want to play safe, never buy from a new brand unless you have at least a whiff of firsthand customer experience.

In the case of Ninacloak, the customer experiences indicate that the brand is lacking on all fronts. Here are some of the most highlighted complaints about Ninacloak clothing by customers.

·       Shipping delays and unfulfilled orders

Customers have reported experiencing delays in receiving their orders from Ninacloak. Orders have taken longer than expected to arrive. Some never arrived at all.

·       Material misrepresentation

A common issue highlighted by customers is the misrepresentation of materials used. For instance, products advertised as cotton were actually made of polyester, leaving customers disappointed.

·       Quality and fit issues

Numerous customers have experienced problems with sizing, color discrepancies, and the overall quality of the products received.

·       Inadequate customer service

Customers have encountered unprofessional customer service from Ninacloak. Communication has been delayed, and responses have been lacking, causing further dissatisfaction.

·       Return process challenges

Ninacloak’s return process has proven to be extremely problematic for customers. No tracking numbers are provided for returns, making it difficult to track the status of the parcels.

On insistence, customers are given a China address for returns, with the burden of non-refundable shipping costs falling on them.

Is Ninacloak legit?

When it comes to Ninacloak, legitimacy seems to be a distant reality. Several factors raise doubts about the credibility of this company.

Firstly, their website content is poorly written, leaving much to be desired in terms of professionalism. Furthermore, it is important to note that Ninacloak is not an authentic brand but a reseller of Chinese clothes already available on various other websites.

This raises concerns about the quality of their products, which many customers have found to be subpar.

Moreover, their customer service has been consistently poor, leading to frustration among buyers. A low website trust score further adds to the skepticism surrounding Ninacloak’s operations.

Numerous unsatisfied customers have shared their negative experiences, ranging from delayed shipments to incorrect sizes and unresponsiveness from support.

It’s worth mentioning that reselling cheap quality clothes from China reflects unethical practices and categorizes Ninacloak as a fast-fashion brand.

Considering these factors, it is important for consumers to exercise caution when considering a purchase from Ninacloak.

The Verdict – Is Ninacloak a legitimate company?

Based on the comprehensive information discussed above, it is clear that Ninacloak cannot be considered a legitimate company and is likely operating as a scam.

As a responsible fashion blog, Fashion Whizz is committed to providing honest reviews derived from genuine customer experiences.

We hope this review has shed light on the issues associated with Ninacloak, empowering you and other readers to make informed decisions regarding your fashion choices.

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