Roark Clothing Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

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It’s almost surreal how a new clothing brand can appear on the market every other day, like mushrooms sprouting up after spring rain.

While the new ones, with their effective marketing techniques, manage to attract all the hype, a slightly old brand, Roark Clothing, is suddenly gaining public attention.

The brand has lately been making waves for its unique designs and an air of youthfulness surrounding its label. But is it really worth all its hype?

This article will conduct a thorough evaluation of the brand to see if it’s actually legit or just another scam happening right before our eyes.

So come along as we decode Roark Clothing and find out if it’s truly worth investing your hard-earned money in.

What is Roark Clothing?

Since its maiden voyage in 2010, Roark Clothing has been the go-to brand for adventurers wanting to combine fashion and function on their journeys.

With a mission to bring trendy adventure wear to style-savvy explorers, this all-Canadian company has done an exceptional job at providing men with clothing that looks just as great when climbing a mountain as it does at the bar afterward.

Not only is their apparel practical and beloved by outdoors enthusiasts, but there is also something very special about it.

Roark clothing provides an extra bit of flair or personality that can’t help but shine through every design. For guys with an eye on both performance and aesthetics, Roark Clothing certainly delivers.

Who owns Roark apparel?

Roark Clothing was started with a unique combination of creativity, innovation, and sustainability as its core values.

With their roots stemming from a shared passion for outdoor exploration, co-founders Ryan Hitzel and Ryan Sirianni set out to build a brand around the concept of functional and stylish clothing for anyone who loves to explore the world.

The brain behind the brand, Ryan Hitzel, had an entrepreneurial spirit from a young age and wanted to bring something creative and sustainable to the fashion industry.

Hitzel used his passion for classic American craftsmanship mixed with contemporary style to create a line of clothing geared toward the “on-the-go” lifestyle.

Since their humble beginnings in 2010, Roark has evolved from basic outdoorsy looks to unique statement pieces that fit both on the trail and on the street.

Their collections feature everything from technical apparel and durable outerwear to super soft slub tees, shorts, flannels, and retro accessories.

All Roark pieces are designed with personality and a little extra knack, making it easy to express your own personal style while conquering Mother Nature.

What products does Roark Clothing sell?

Roark Clothing has everything a modern man needs to feel stylish and adventure-ready. From their huge collection of menswear featuring jackets, shorts, tees, beanies, and vests, they’ve got you covered, whatever the weather or occasion.

Whether you’re after something neutral and classic or are into bold patterns, they have it all. And ladies need not worry. If you also want to join the Roark Rebellion, they also have a women’s collection.

While it’s not as extensive as the men’s collection, you can get some really nice pieces.

Shipping policy of Roark clothing

Roark has you covered no matter where you are. The brand offers free shipping on orders above $75. For smaller orders, you will have to pay calculated fees at checkout.

The brand uses FedEx to ship products, and the deliveries take place from Monday to Saturday.

Canadian residents can get their orders delivered fairly quickly. If you are in Australia, you can shop from their Australian website to expedite the shipping process.

If you are living in some other parts of the world, you can look out for Roark Clothing at participating retail partners around the world.

Is Roark Ethical?

Roark Clothing is not just any clothing company. It’s one of the leading members of the sustainability movement.

They take extra care to ensure that their production runs according to Fair Trade practices, and they only release two collections per year instead of flooding the market with fast-fashion items.

Beyond this impressive commitment to sustainable style, Roark also works hard to give back to the community with initiatives like supporting “Waves for Water.”

Taking a refreshing approach towards fashion, Roark knows how to spread awareness, one carefully crafted item at a time.

What materials are used in Roark clothes?

If it’s the eco-friendly fashion you’re looking for, look no further than Roark Clothing. They truly take sustainability to the next level.

Not only do they use certified organic cotton, but they also take protecting the planet seriously by using hemp fiber, recycled polyester, and cotton.

To top it all off, their sustainability commitment is reflected in their materials. Roark Clothing has sourced some truly unique fabrics, such as recycled oyster shells and coconut fiber, to create truly one-of-a-kind pieces that are both modish and environmentally friendly.

Roark Clothing Reviews by Customers

Customer reviews on Roark Clothing products are overall quite positive. Customers love the looks of their items, hailing them as stylish and trendy, as well as being of great quality.

Many rave about how comfortable the materials are and how lightweight the pieces feel, perfect for a variety of activities. These reviews make it clear that Roark Clothing products not only look good but feel great too.

In addition to clothing, customers are also impressed with the customer service they receive from this brand.

Friendly staff members are always quick to respond to whatever needs may arise, and people report feeling taken care of throughout the process of buying something from them.

Is Roark Legit?

Roark Clothing is a company that sets the standard for outdoor apparel. Not only do they offer tasteful and robust garments, but they also go one step further by believing in sustainability.

Using eco-friendly materials and inventive, resource-preserving production methods, Roark Clothing finds ways to minimize its carbon footprint.

However, their sustainable choices don’t prevent them from creating uncommonly durable clothing to give you the best outdoor experience. In addition, the trendy designs ensure no sacrifice in style.

When shopping for your next piece of outdoor apparel, we highly recommend you go for Roark.

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