Is Micas Clothing Legit? A Detailed Micas Clothing Review

Micas Clothing Gathered V-Neck Satin Mini Dress

Admit it! Every girl dreams of keeping her closet updated with various collections and on-trend clothes. The kind of dopamine shopping provides feels better than any drug. Lol JK!

But, seriously though, shopping is fun, and who doesn’t like trying out new brands, especially if their products seem utterly gorgeous? Micas Clothing is one such brand.

If you are also a fashion junkie, you surely would have heard of Micas Clothing or Shop Micas and must have thought at least once, is Micas legit?

Lucky for you, we have conducted a detailed study on the brand to find out their practices, their products, and their standing in the industry to conclude is Micas Clothing legit or not.

So, if you are planning on ordering any new outfits from Micas Clothing, wait until you read this Micas Clothing review and then make a decision.

Let’s start.

About Micas Clothing – Company Overview

As mentioned above, Micas Clothing is an online fashion brand specializing in trendy clothing for women, producing all kinds of women’s wear.

Although the brand’s website doesn’t state much, to bring you the most authentic Micas Clothing review, we did some digging and found out it is quite recent.

To be precise, Micas Clothing is not older than a year and a half, give or take, because that’s how long its website has been operational.

The website of Micas Clothing claims that none of its products are pre-made, and everything is made to order. So they only produce as much as the customers demand, even if it means producing a single outfit.

While this claim seems highly exaggerated, if it’s true, it’s really admirable. Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt on this one and move forward to look at other aspects of the brand to arrive at a decision.

Products Offered by Micas Clothing

You can find every clothing item you may need for your wardrobe at Shopmicas. They have a huge range of clothes from tops to bottoms to dresses to outerwear, you name it.

They also sell swimwear, corsets, bodysuits, camisoles, jumpsuits, denim, and leather products. If you want to check out their collections, five of them target different themes and occasions.

One important thing to mention here is that the brand deals in both casual and formal wear. So, if you want anything for festive occasions, you’ll find plenty of options.

In addition to clothing, Shop Micas also sells an extensive assortment of accessories, including caps, belts, jewelry, sunglasses, gloves, hair claws, headbands, scarves, and more.

Where does Micas Clothing Ship to?

Micas Clothing doesn’t ship globally. But, it covers almost all the major countries from various continents, especially America, Australia, and Europe.

For some countries, the brand also offers express shipping. The super express shipping, however, is only available for the United States and Canada.

Also, one noteworthy thing is that the brand doesn’t ship all over the USA. If you are a resident of American Samoa, Palau, Virgin Islands, Guam, Alaska, Marshall Islands, Puerto Rico, or Northern Mariana Islands, you won’t be able to order from Micas Clothing.

The brand charges a standard $6.99 shipping. The shipping fee is waived for orders exceeding $69, and the delivery time is around 10-15 business days.

Does Micas Clothing have a Return Policy?

Micas has a 14-day return policy from the day of receiving your order. However, we didn’t find it to be very lenient or, say, customer friendly.

A few things are understandable, i.e., the returned products should not be used, washed, or damaged and must be in the original packaging.

However, the brand doesn’t accept returns on sale items or items bought through store credit.

Secondly, even if your return gets accepted, the brand doesn’t refund your money. In fact, they give you store credit to buy something else from them, even if you don’t want it.

Once you have submitted your request and it’s accepted, it takes around 10 business days to get your store credit. Oh, and not to forget, the store credit doesn’t cover the shipping cost.

Social Media Presence of Micas Clothing

Despite being a new brand, Micas Clothing has a dominant social media presence, particularly on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

The brand is especially popular on Instagram, with a whopping half a million followers. However, the engagement from the users’ end is not that high. Still, the brand is pretty popular for its age.

Micas Clothing Reviews Online

Micas Clothing generally has mixed reviews online, with some being totally negative and some extremely positive.

However, the positive Micas Clothing reviews outnumber the negative ones. So on average, we can say that the brand has moderate to favorable reviews.

Let’s talk about the positive ones first. The customers who have given 5-star ratings are mostly raving about excellent customer support, product quality, quick shipping, comfortable materials, correct sizing, unique designs, and, most of all, affordability.

On the other hand, the people with negative Micas Clothing reviews have complained that they did not receive their orders on time or received the wrong products.

They have also complained about poor quality products, inconsistent sizing, and the lack of customer support.

However, we’d like to mention that we noticed that the brand has responded to almost every negative review, offering to make things right.

We also checked for Micas Clothing reviews on Quora and other forums and platforms and found mixed reviews everywhere, with positive ones having a slight upper hand.

Is Micas Legit?

Before concluding if Micas is legit or not, a few things need to be taken into consideration. First, the brand is new, but it has a well-made, easy-to-use website, with a valid SSL certificate.

You can find the brand on every major social media platform, and it offers multiple credible payment options.

The majority of the customer reviews indicate the brand is legit, as they have received their products and are satisfied with them.

There are a few red flags about it as well. For example, according to its Facebook page, the brand seems to be a US-based initiative. But, the website mentions a physical address in Hong Kong.

This implies that it must be a dropshipping website, purchasing inventory from Asia and delivering worldwide, hence, the inconsistent quality.

Nevertheless, despite these flaws and issues, Micas Clothing is legit, as people have ordered from them and received their products.

However, we can’t say that the brand is dependable due to the inconsistent sizing, quality, and customer support.

So, whether or not you should try ShopMicas is totally up to you.

We hope this Micas Clothing Review was helpful to you. If you have any comments or suggestions, please leave them below.

Happy Shopping!

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